Hey, bloggers, staying home for the holidays, writing a narrative about a couple of characters. Ever felt that you being ignored most of the time? Well, in my friend’s published book series, he wrote about how his characters felt that way and I thought hey maybe this will probably sympathize with other people, so he gave me permission to use them. Hey, I got to help get my friend publicized about his work. He’d do the same for me.
     Hey, people it’s me again down here in the lair with my pals. Ever felt ignored? Well, we did for the day. Well, actually we felt that all our whole lives but it didn’t start bothering us until now. Right now I bet you’re ignoring us. I know what you’re thinking. Quit being a baby that’s life, but I can’t help but think that what we have to say isn’t important. So here we were venting our frustration in our art when I voiced my concerns. I knew my friends had to be thinking the same thing.
     “Hey, guys, don’t you feel like we’re being ignored, lately?” I asked.
     They turned toward me and looked at me like I was crazy. Of course I knew what they’re feeling. I’m a mood reader.
     “Of course we do.” Katrina said all big sister like even though we were born at the exact same moment.
     “Yeah,” Said Prince (also born in the same moment.) “It’s not exactly new. People just don’t want hear what we have to say, even on the internet. Everyone listens to stuff people say on the Internet.”
     “We must be boring.” Marion said who guess what is also born at the same time with us.
     “Face it, guys.” Kat said depressingly. “Nobody, hears us. When people mentions our name they just think ‘Oh, it’s just those crazy kids over there’.”
     “Now, that’s not true, dear. We hear you.” A voice said in our lair. Immediately, we thought trouble.
And that’s all he allows me to share as he’s using the rest to write in a future book of his. Can’t let you hear everything, can’t let me hear everything. Anyway, tell me if you ever felt that way I know I sure have or if you like what my friend is writing, you can check  out his first book on Amazon. Type down The Tablet(LEVELS) to see it. Well, I’ve got work to do, bye.

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