Hey, bloggers. Just getting in from Alaska. My advice: don’t go to cold places just to find inspiration for a book at least when it’s close to winter. Speaking of books, on the way home I was reading a book from one of my favorite authors James Patterson called Maximum Ride and I was thinking wouldn’t it be cool to have a characteristics of an animal, like flying like a bird or spinning webs like a spider. So I ask you if had the choice to have abilities of any type of animal what will it be? As you do that, that is if you wish, I’ll still be searching for my novel out there and maybe I’ll check out another one of Mr. Patterson’s books. I heard Daniel X Watch the Skies is a good book and I do wanna see what Daniel does next. I think I’ll buy it on Amazon since my toes are still kinda cold from the trip to go to anywhere for now.

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