Ever had one of those days? Well, leaving Chicago, I ran upon some snags on the road and let me tell you it put a damper on my spirits. First off, my Twitter account got suspended, nothing intentional on my part that’s for sure, but I’m sure plenty of you had that kind of problem. Later, my heater broke and I had to snuggle under some covers for warmth. Curse cold weather. And my laptop had lost connection, so I had to wait for that to get fixed. Could explain why I’m writing this late and since my twitter account is down there’s no way I can post this. Sigh…well, not everyday is perfect but at least not everyday is imperfect either. I’ve learn to appreciate what I have now. I’m alive, breathing, have food, a roof over my head, and I’m blogging to you. I mean life can be worse. Anyway, see next time when I’m out of Chicago.


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