As writers, we tend to have bad ideas sometimes. Don’t say that you don’t because we all do. It’s part of the creative process. You have try something out to see if it works. Or you thought it was a good idea until you read it again or worse someone else read it to you (Happened to me a lot), but it’s okay. Sometime later, you’ll laugh at it as with all foul-ups in life. So this is a celebration of mistake making. What I’ve learned during my travels is that in order to beat stuff like writer’s anxiety, you have to let yourself make mistakes. The editing process is the part where you clean it up and make it good, but to create is to be sloppy and carefree. So here’s the deal, write about your worst idea ever. You don’t have to share it. Who knows you might like what comes of it. I realized my worst idea ever turned into great story.

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