So I was on twitter the other day and I replied to @Zendaya, who is famous for her song Replay that “I’ll Replay that” and the next thing I knew my twitter page blew up favoriting my witty remark (And that @Zendaya favorited it too.) so it got me thinking. Everybody has a moment in their lives that they just wish they can replay it (I know I do.) so here I am. Pretend I have the power to replay an event in your life and I’m going to use it to help you…or hurt you depending on how you look at it. As a writer, it’s good to think over certain scenarios like what ifs. It’s good for churning ideas and for plotting stories to see where it goes, especially for a certain character in a story, and a good way to do that is by starting from within. Think of an event, bad or good that you wish to replay and see for yourself whether it ends in the way that you think or not.


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