So I was listening to Lady Gaga’s song “Applause” earlier and I’ve noticed that the music video uses a lot references to a lot of art work (Pop art to be exact.). Yes, I know The Birth of Venus isn’t really pop art, at least I don’t think, maybe I don’t know. Whatever, trust me I didn’t need to look it up on Wikipedia to know the artwork that was going on in that video. Yes, having taken art history at the university helps, but us writers can appreciate the beauty of art (In fact, pop art is my favorite, ask me why.) there’s a lot of inspiration that can be drawn from there. The interpretation part of the process of art appreciation can really flux the creative process, giving us new ideas. So, today is art appreciation day. Find your own art work and actually appreciate it. Don’t just look at it. Really interpret it. Think why did painter paint this? Why did the sculptor make this sculpture of a woman instead of a man? Is it to make us think or is there a certain reason? What story does it tell? You might be surprised of what your mind comes up with. That’s the beauty of art.


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