A lot of people often focus on the here and now like that’s all there is and don’t see things from a larger standpoint. But not me. I’m more of a put things in perspective kind of guy and often times I don’t just see things that are just happening now. Weird for a writer, right? Not really. Personally, I think writers are the most put things in perspective type of people in the world. Because we have to deal with from different viewpoints of characters (Some of which have views that don’t quite match ours), we have to put things in certain perspectives, accepting characters in spite of not being likeable in our eyes. This especially is true if you try a third person. My friend often says that he has to put things in certain perspectives since he has to deal with writing from the perspectives of four different characters (Wow, what a headache!). So it’s very important that people put things in perspective, not only in writing but in life as well. Later.

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