So earlier I was discussing how art work can give writers inspirations for their work, but I’ve also learned that the same can be said of music. For example, my friend got his inspiration for his book from the video above (I’ve already used the original.) So, in addition to Art Appreciation Day, We can also have Music Appreciation Day. Find your favorite song and see what ideas you can make with them (I know it’ll be easier for some of you.). You might be surprised with what you come up with. Frankly, I don’t how my friend got his book idea from that song. Ultimately, Art and Music appreciation are basically the same when it comes to inspiration; one is visual, the other oral. They’re like two different ways to achieve a similar means, which is what all artists do. Come to think of it we’re all sort of artists. Writers, painters, sculptors, singers, etc. So it kinda makes sense that we feed of each others’ works and manage to create something wonderful. You know I just realized that most of my blogs started because of some song of sorts. I guess we all do feed off each others works. What a teamwork!


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