Hey, bloggers, I’m ready to board my plane to head off to England. So excited! Earlier on, I just figured out that Great Britain has a different time from where I’m from–A good five hours to be exact. So when I get there, everyone would likely be in their beds. Rest gently, Brits I’ll be there when you wake up. Taking an overnight flight was not ideal, but I thought I should get there before traffic gets heavy. In unrelated note, I’m glad my Ravens won today in the wildest game I have ever seen. In other news, this is the last day my friend’s book is out for free before it is back to the ridiculous price of around five dollars. I know crazy price, huh? Before people ask, yes it is available in other countries including England. Just go to Amazon and type down The Tablet levels to get your free copy before tomorrow. It should be seen in the search bar. Good news is he sold forty-four books, so I don’t know if it’s true or not but he and I thank you for viewing my blog and checking it out. Be sure to write a review if you can. Anyway, bye. See you in England or not!


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