Hey bloggers, blogging from UK, but not even a flight overseas can escape one of life’s unescapables: final exams. You guys know what I’m talking about. Just before every sweet release from school comes the most stressful things in the world. All the studying (cumulative are the worst) in such a short time with multiple subjects that could cost you most of your hard-earned grades as if all the work you did doesn’t matter, it is just lethal. I know your mind just wants to relax for a while and schools just cheap shot you in the end. But don’t get discouraged (Unless you really haven’t study much, then I suggest you quit looking at blogs and get cracking on your books), it’s not as a bad as it looks. Remember my blog earlier: Keep things in perspective. If you keep your goals in mind, you’ll no doubt achieve them…and then you can goof off all you want. See ya.


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