So, I was listening to the song by Eminem, which is kind of strange in itself as I don’t often listen to his music (I’m not in to rap, okay. I was just trying something different. Maybe because Rihanna was in it I don’t know.), but as I was listening to his song, a thought occurred to me: Everybody has some sort of monster inside. Now I don’t mean to say it in a bad way, like we have some badness inside us (Well, we do. But that’s not the point), but we do have something inside of us that either causes us to act like monsters or is like a monster to us or a combination of both like pregnant women before they realize the bundle of joy they have (That is if they haven’t bonded right away, which can be natural so stay calm people.). For example, my monster is obsession. I obsess over everything that just happens to be stuck in my head (Like this song.) and trust me it can last for weeks. I thought it was a writer thing but not when it comes to ongoing subjects like favoritism and superstitions that I know don’t work. So I want you to identify a monster inside of you and face it (That includes, if they want, pregnant women who believe they do have a monster inside of them.) You’ll fear relieved once you do trust me I did manage to pull a story from the monster inside.


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