You no doubt must’ve thought this is about the movie or the book, but no, not exactly. What I’m talking about is that heat of the moment when you’re like totally in the zone. You know what I mean that feeling you’re so immersed in a subject or you’re doing well after a not so stellar performance earlier. Whether it’s writing, sports, painting, singing, sculpting, whatever it just feels like you’re on fire. Want my advice: Don’t look for it. Now I know that sounds strange but trust me, it won’t just come. That feeling isn’t something that can be found and it could end up stifling creativity and stop really good ideas and just because you’re in the zone doesn’t mean it’s perfect. You’ll have to edit it just like all the other stuff you have to proofread. There’s no doubt you made some mistakes. But still you can’t help but enjoy the fact that you’re catching fire.

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