You know those irritating Ads that just pop up on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Those little things that drives you to spam them and just shout to them “Stop trying to sell me stuff!” Well, it’s just as irritating for us writers. Why am I blogging this? Well, because my friend has been talking almost non-stop about how hard it is to market his book (See pic above.). Trust me, I feel his pain and all, but it got a little annoying. It turns out he’s not the only one with these problems. I went on some writing forums and found out that writers had this problem as well. Of course looking back on it, I guess I could have used a little common sense in deducing that fact. Nobody wants to hear about what you’re trying to sell them. Online, on the streets, shoot even in the bookstores. Marketing is just difficult. Well, unless you have some sort of sale going on then yeah, it’s easy because people can’t resist free stuff but it only works up to a certain point. It’s so much easier being a soul writer (Writing just for yourself.) but isn’t that the point of writing? To write what you love and for the love of writing? Well, if you’re thinking about publishing you’re book try to keep your expectations low and remember write for you and nobody else because people it is an art. It’s not supposed to be understood much and is always up for interpretation. You can’t please everyone, but if can please one person than it’s success (P.S. that person is you.).


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