My social media usage had begun to climb further. Even though I was an outdoor person: Going to universities, traveling the world, and trying things that is out of this world, I had been a shut in for most of my life. People had passed through me and I would pass through them without a glance, and then within just two weeks, my life has been run amok with social media. More than I could ever imagine having in this life. Funny, the very trends in which I said I would never be involved in has now infested my life. I guess that’s just life’s little joke on me. Well, if it wants to laugh, let it laugh. Because a bell rang off saying to me: “Hey, pal this world is changing.” I have accepted this blog, Twitter, and now Facebook. Why fight it? I’ve been living in caves even when I walk through this planet. Don’t get me wrong, I rather meet people face to face, but I now realize that there is more ways to stay connected, not that I want anything from this world. Well, all I have to say…to myself is: Welcome to Facebook, kid.


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