It started with a whisper and then it turns into a big roar. That’s right I’m talking about rumors. I find them funny. Yes, it’s really hurtful and I’m against listening and spreading it, but you have to admit it’s funny how easily people can fooled. Its seems that they can be controlled by something that’s as simple as a whisper. You can say something very simple in person and online and it can turn into a big trial case blown wide open. Listen, it’s crazy to listen to noise that you don’t know is true. If you do, then you must believe the tooth fairy and Santa Claus exist. Get your facts straight before talking, and to those victimized by it keep your head up and don’t listen to it. You’ll add fuel to the fire if you do. You know it’s not true so be what you say you are and eventually it’ll go away if not then those who actually know you will know it’s not true and that’s all you need. Above all else, don’t listen to it. Both the spreader and the victim. I’m not one to give advice but I know one thing: Everybody Talks!

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