“Any person can believe a belief, but not any person believes the reality.” –X
     So I heard people making a stink about a man (Note I don’t know the full story.) saying basically that he thinks homosexuality is wrong, but this brings up an issue of beliefs. Whether we admit it or not we all have them, even Atheists. And that’s the issue. Was it wrong for him to express his belief? Logic would say no, but on television or somewhere on media, people would argue yes because likely it could offend viewers. Well, I myself, think homosexuality is wrong but I don’t hate homosexuals. The Bible says to love men of all sorts. (Romans 12:18). But say that someone does, is it right for them to express it? Well, I don’t think the view is right and I don’t think they’re right, but they are entitled to their opinion just like you and I. Now, I bet some of you saying, “Are you serious? You approve of people saying stuff like that?” But to reiterate I don’t approve if what he said is wrong. And as a writer, I’m used to brunt expressions. I don’t think it’s right, but it’s there to make literature real and shows the version of how life really is. Nobody likes fake in comparison to real. What I’m saying is he’s entitled to his belief and it shouldn’t bother you. “Words only have as much power as you give them.”

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