David and Goliath.The tortoise and the hare. You all know the story. The one where some nobodies stands against a powerhouse and wins. Well, I for one love those stories. And it makes me realize that at some point we’ve all been the underdog in our lives, where all the odds just seem to be stacked against you and yet somehow you win. It’s baffling, I know. How does someone who is so small, so weak…so inferior beat the vastly superior opponent. It’s like a miracle, a fluke of some sorts, but hey that’s life. The country of America was made from being the underdog. I’ve been the underdog loads of time as is the characters from my from my friend’s book. (Don’t tell him I sneaked a peek from his second book and journal entries. I love messing with him.). It’s just the fact, nay, the enjoyment of life. Nobody likes it when the powerhouse wins all the time. Doesn’t always make a good story, does it? But everybody loves the story of the Underdogs of the Year.


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