Ah, the holidays full of joy, presents, and best of all family. Well, not much for me. Don’t get me wrong, I love my family to death but….Well you see not all the time do you have family that’s particularly agreeable and I don’t celebrate holidays (Don’t judge me. It’s my belief and I’m always happy and found to be particularly joyful.)  so you can imagine my irritation when unexpectedly my dad (Who does celebrate the holidays or perhaps likes to party or both.) invited a whole bunch of my cousins and their kids. And guess who gets to automatically babysits the kids? They’re young for the most part, there’s a great number of them, and except for a few of them were loud and refuses to behave. It doesn’t help that my cousins often refuses to dish out some discipline or rather do it inconsistently. So the end result was my room is in complete tatters and it could’ve been worse. The moral: I love my family tons but sometimes they’re so annoying. I know I’m not alone, even if it is the holidays. Later.


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