“Things are rough all over.” Cherry Valance (Pg. 35)
     I remembered this quote from the classic novel “The Outsiders” when I was pondering over troubles. I bet you’re wondering what troubles am I having and that’s the problem. Compared to everyone else I have it easy. Now I’m not here to gloat about my life that’s not who I am, but I do seem to have it good as my parents and sometimes friends tell me. That still doesn’t exempt the fact that I have problems. Everyone does. I still have problems at even getting looked at for job considerations, I worry whether I would still get my scholarship for next semester, my dad now and then has a drinking problem whenever he stays home making it very uncomfortable for me at home to which he complains that mom is turning us against him, I basically babysit my sister because of her disability (Basically, I’m the oldest and youngest without any of the perks.) and fear that I’d be delegated the responsibility of raising her my entire life, and my parents always pressures me about school I can’t have a real conversation with them. Looking at all that while taking the time to look at “The Outsiders” made realize that no one really has it easy. I see people suffer everyday and yes, I will help them if I can as Christian responsibility and love that makes me do them motivates me to do so, but the main point is there is no “having it easy” in this world. And for those comparing your difficult circumstances to others who just seem to have it easy, here’s a wake up call: They don’t. Later

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