So I was reading an article about only children (Don’t ask me why.) and I found that the article written by the person was about why the couple wanted an only child and that others would mind their business about whether they wanted more children. What bothered me was the reasons why. She states that she wanted only her daughter because she didn’t want to deal with the competition and she couldn’t possibly imagine loving another child as much as her daughter. Despite her saying that it was very possible for couples to do so, I kind of bridled at that and it also reminded me of a quote from the Seed of Chucky: “One’s a blessing. Two’s a curse.” being the youngest of two, I couldn’t help but be irritated at that. Why you may ask? It is the couples’ choice whether they decide on whether to have more. The fact is I do agree about that. It is the couples’ choice, but look at it from my perspective or any other children that was born second to last. When you say something like that, you’re basically pointing a finger at me and saying, “You shouldn’t have existed, it’s your fault there’s so much trouble around the house, I will never love you as much as your sibling because you’re not special to us, and I just wish you were never here just so we can have the perceived peace we would have if we have never conceived you.” Sounds offensive doesn’t it? My problem with their choice is not the choice itself but the fact they’re making their choice for the wrong reasons. I would applaud them to have one child, especially if you have financial problems and can only support one, and if you want to just raise only one then that’s your business and means no offense to me, but don’t make that decision based on that because you’re limiting your love and that only not makes it harder to love the next child (It can happen whether you wanted or not sometimes.) but limits the love for family and friends based on criteria that is kind of strict. Nobody likes that person. That’s the “Only Child” offense.


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