“Ignorance is not someone who doesn’t know, but someone who refuses to understand.”

I’m going to tell you a story: Two men were walking across a bridge. They looked over the side and wondered if they would die if they jumped over it. Another man came across the bridge and tells them.”If you jump over this bridge you will die.”

One man believed him, but the other sneered and questioned. “How do you know if we will die if we jumped off the bridge? Have you done it?”

So the man who told them not to jump off the bridge pulled an orange from his lunch sack and dropped it over the side. The orange splattered when it reached the ground.

Then the man said. “Like that orange you splatter if you jump off the bridge.”

One of the men believed him still but the other just simply sneered and said. “That is an orange that splattered. I’m a man! We’re two different things. How are you to say that I will splatter just like that orange?”

So the man finally said. “Listen I am not going to stop you if you decide to jump off this bridge. If you want to do it go ahead.”

So the man who didn’t believe him jumped off the bridge and died, and the other two men continued to travel across the bridge.

Along the way, the one man that believed him asked the other man. “Why didn’t you stop that man from jumping off the bridge?”

The other man looked at him and told him. “If I had stopped that man from jumping, would he have believed me, would you? He probably would have done it eventually. Now, here’s my question for you: would you jump off that bridge?”

So the man said. “No, I would not have.”

So the man replied. “Then you are a very smart man.”

Does that answer your question.


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