Hey, bloggers, so my friend has given me the first of his characters’ journal entries. I know that it will look different from other journal entries that you’ve read, but it is kind of enjoyable. Takes you inside of the lives of the characters. The story takes place after my friend’s second book, which he is still outlining, but at least he has the title: Power Play. Sounds interesting can’t wait to read that. But since it’s the new year my friend thought it’d be the perfect time to at least premiere the entries. So enjoy:


Great. Now I have to write this whole journal thing, because Mrs. Rosethorne said that my writing lacks luster. For a writer that’s insulting. And I have to share the entries with my pals otherwise the story makes no sense. Oh, boy. It’s bad enough going to school that’s about fifty-thousand feet in the air, and the embarrassing events that ensued the weeks after. Well, all I know is that is going to be a rough two years.


      Okay, so it began like this. We were late for class again, which is not unusual for us when Mrs. Rosethorne totally dismissed it to give us our English papers. Since she dismissed us being late, I knew they weren’t good. We got C’s, but she underlined that our paper lacked luster and I couldn’t help but to blurt it out in front of the class. Not my best look. People at the start of school thought I was from a different country because of my British accent now they think I’m from a different planet in wake of the events that transpired (Long story). After the derisions and the shaking of many heads of pulling our classic stunts we went to our desks trying to ignore the teacher, but Mrs. Rosethorne wasn’t going to let us get away with this, so she picked on us every time she asked a question making us look stupid in class…again. She asked us to see us after class. So when we did, she told us, “Now I know you don’t respect my class, but your snide actions aren’t going to change your grades.”

“What’s wrong with our papers, Ma’am?” I asked.

“Your writing is dull. I practically fell asleep on the second page. Imagine having to read the four of these. Katrina, Prince, Fleana, Marion I expect better effort from you. I do have a solution, however.”

“What is it?”

“I’ll let your parents tell you after I call them about your behavior.”

As you can see we really hate that teacher.


     Got home, got chewed out, got punished yada yada…it was basically status quo as of late but there’s a twist: we get a journal to write in. Our parents explained in our conjoined family meeting (We’re not from the same family by the way) that Mrs. Rosethorne said that writing in our new journal and expressing our innermost thoughts would help embellish our writing. Even though I’m the type of guy who loves to improve, I had qualms about this. Mrs. Rosethorne had to read these. My friend Fleana said what was on our minds, “Mom I don’t do journals. We express ourselves in our art. Remember, I sing, Marion sculpts, Prince writes, and Katrina paints. If I have personal thoughts that I don’t want people to know why would I want to write them down?”

“Well, write them like you want people to read them. In fact why don’t you all write them? I bet you would have loads of stories to tell.” Her mother replied.

So that’s how we came upon our new err…assignment.


     I hope you enjoy the first of our…many entries. Are you hooked? If not please put the book down and leave. I’m a terrible writer anyway. If you do, then good I like you. Well, actually I would’ve liked you anyway. Listen, I would love to tell you about our older siblings, where we live, who we are, what we are, but I’m tired of writing in this book. See you later. Enjoy the ride.

Wow. Now that’s interesting. I would love to read more myself, but unfortunately until my friend releases his second book, that’s all we can read at this point. My guess: Too many spoilers. Anyway stay tuned, bye.


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