“All want not something to do but something to be.” –Henry Theroux
       Yes, I know the title is from the song “Counting Stars”, but have you ever just sat there daydreaming and wondering what could we be. It reminds me of the quote above. You don’t just want to do something, you want to be something. For me…it should be easy, right? I want to be an author but at the same time I could care less about money or fame. Ruins a good story I say. You write whatever you want no matter what people say about it. But the pressure is still there sometimes. At the same time, I could picture myself as something else. Weird, huh? But we all have dreams. And allegorically speaking, we do look to the sky just wondering what could we be and why can’t we be it. Well, I’m tired of wondering. I’m going to be…whatever I want to be.

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