Ever heard of the term maternal instincts? Those little sirens that go off in a mother’s head that tell them how to mother their child. Well, chances are that mothers in general feel that they don’t know what they’re doing and so they believe their maternal instincts are lacking. Evolutionists believe that we all have these instincts that just drives us, and they also believe that favoritism is very natural seeing how animals seems to favor the bigger sibling. However if you look at the evidence, it kind of points to the opposite. People don’t seem have the instincts that drive animals to survival. We’re clueless, we have morals or at least feel the need for them, and favoritism turns out to be harmful and drives parents and children alike into fits about whether they are getting or giving what’s fair instead of it being normal. See I don’t think we are driven by the instincts that we are thought to be given whether we are driven by the habits we create. Everything we do is not due to biology rather psychology. We choose what we do and feel the need for morality, and that’s what separates us from the animals. Familial relationships are not govern by the need to spread genes and if relationship between one another seems off key chances are because it’s something about the person or relationship that is reflected in the background of the person. Whether it’s a form of abuse (favoritism or otherwise) or the person shows you a part of yourself that you don’t like or turns out not to be what you want it to be. The key is in recognizing the habit and changing what is harmful. Nothing is set in stone. It’s the choices we make that writes who we are. People are not are who they are. They are who they choose to be.


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