Hey bloggers, I thought I’d do some reviews of some of my favorite books. So here goes. The Lightning Thief review: Furies. Demigods. Olympian gods. A lightning bolt. All this and more was featured in Rick Riordan first ever book of the Percy Jackson series. In a series that had eventually become blockbuster, the first starts off with a bang! Zeus’ Master Bolt has been stolen and he has suspected Percy to be the culprit. Now Percy must go on odyssey across America with a satyr and wisdom goddess’ daughter to confront the Lord of the Dead. The book was incredible from the beginning where a struggling teen endanger of getting kicked out of school for the twelfth consecutive time is asked to do extraordinary things while trying to figure out who he really is and the only real family he has was wrest away from him. He ventures with the intent on finding her while in the process reconciling with a father he never met. The book also leaves off with a great chance for sequel in which Percy plays a great role in an even bigger prophecy.

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