Hey bloggers, just doing another review of the Percy Jackson series enjoy:
Out of the five books in the first collection, I have to say that the Titan’s Curse ranks almost to the top. Percy, Grover, the now resurrected Thalia, the huntress Zoe, and new demigod and huntress Bianca di Angelo ventures to free the captured goddess Artemis and Annabeth. What draws me to this book is that it takes a darker, more mature theme. And it starts to show the growing romantic relationship between Percy and Annabeth. The book captures this by the means of the arrival of the hunters led by Zoe and Artemis. Artemis who rejects love have her hunters who likewise reject love follow her for basically all eternity lest the hunter falls in love. In a way, it’s sort of like the cootie thing when you’re a kid or shy, think you’re so much mature than he’ll ever be thing when you’re on the brink of adolescence. And it’s found out that Annabeth might want to join. This is also exemplified when Percy encounters the love goddess, Aphrodite who promises to make Percy’s love life even tougher. In spite of this, the hunters were obstacles but not the enemy as some readers would probably gain from Zoe’s character. As you learn more from her complicated life, how she was jilted by Hercules, you can see why she would join, but still ends up the hero that no one would suspect. Thalia, daughter of Zeus, share much of the same route having made rivals with Zoe for rejecting her offer to join because she doesn’t want to leave Luke only to find that he becomes the enemy. Percy also finds that his mother has a new boyfriend that may complicate his feelings even further. This book is really incredible and I would recommend reading it as it does make you think and grow up in understanding.


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