Hello bloggers, welcome to another one of my Percy Jackson book reviews:
     The Battle of the Labyrinth is little more of a side quest of the series but it’s very important to the tale and an epic book. Percy and friends must venture into the Labyrinth built by the legendary Daedalus in order to stop Kronos from destroying Camp-Half Blood from the inside. This tale is very interesting in the fact that it continues complicating the relationship of Percy and Annabeth this time from the appearance of Rachel Dare, a mortal that can seen through the Mist whom Percy met in the last book, and the fact that Luke is now Kronos. A special tidbit of this book is that it is Annabeth’s quest and we don’t hear all of her prophecy until the end due to her keeping it a secret. Another adventure is the reappearance of Nico Di Angelo, the brother of Bianca and son of Hades, who is dealing with the ghost of King Minos, cruel king of Crete who is hunting for Daedalus. Nico makes the story difficult by being a child of the Big Three, Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades, and could have a part of the Big Prophecy that surrounds the tale but he doesn’t have a side and is resentful of Percy for letting his sister die. Another big revelation was that Grover finally manages to find the nature god Pan as he is fading due to the dying of his sphere of control. Pan provided a good lesson of protecting nature for yourself and not praying a god would do it. Unfortunately, when Grover spreads this message, he gets ostracized. This book is great with the cliffhangers which makes the readers yearn for more, especially at the end when Nico tells Percy he might’ve find out the way to beat Kronos before Percy invites him in for cake.

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