A notable writing technique that is being used is the use of multiple characters narrating a story. A lot of people don’t like the technique because it makes the story confusing. Well, I’m not one of those people. I like the technique, I use the technique, and in the future I will continue using the technique. Now I can sympathize with those who hate the technique because you can trip quite easily in doing so, but if used properly it can be a nice change in pace. Of course you can write in the third person but sometimes you want your characters to be personal. Needless to say some authors manage to pull it off: Rick Riordan and James Patterson for example. Their best sellers The Heroes of Olympus series and the Maximum Ride series uses such a technique. It can be understood, a main character can’t tell you everything or that other characters’ role is so big that it can’t be ignored. Why do I use it? Because none of my main characters stick out. They all have important parts to the tale. Look some of you may not like it for some reason. Rather you like a singular narrator because of the mystery it induces that the main character will eventually figure it out or that it is just simple and less confusing, but give it try. It’s not that bad and a lot of great stories have spawned from using this style. It helps to be open minded.

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