1.  Sleep in. Everybody needs sleep. It’s good for your health.
  2.  Take a jog. Sometimes fresh air does your mind good.
  3.  Play video games. Look I know it can rot your brain, but look at those graphics.
  4. Read a book. Now this is good for your brain and will encourage creativity.
  5.  Paint something. Express your thoughts through images.
  6.  Write something. Express your thoughts through words.
  7.  Hang out with friends. Okay, some may have dates, but trust me there’s bound to be one that needs company.
  8.  Help others. Hey, the world doesn’t revolve around you, pal. Might as well do something that makes others happy.
  9.  Dance your pants off. Just for the sake of it.
  10.  Reflect about the good things in your life. You may realize that you got it good.

Listen, there’s more to life than dating. Hey, you may find out that you’re all good by yourself.




Love is in the air…Well, probably not. If you’re me anyway, but here comes another prompt, and guys you might want to pay attention to this: Write a poem about the one you love.


     Don’t you just hate it when someone just criticize your work. Don’t get me wrong a little criticism does a little good but when you receive it, it feels like someone totally trashes it that either they don’t appreciate your creative ingenuity or you feel like you totally suck. So what now? Take heart my friends even the best authors or artists receive criticism and their work ends up being best sellers.
     First off, listen to what they’re saying they could be on to something and maybe your work needs a little cleaning up. The only problem is when your ego gets in the way. You think your work is the best there is and has no margin of error (I know, I felt that way) but the reality is that you’re flawed. Now don’t take that personally, it doesn’t mean that you’re bad as a person or your work stinks, it means you’re human and make mistakes and you always have to improve. Hey, look at J.K. Rowling’s work or Rick Riordan’s work. Have you noticed that each new book of theirs shows improvements in their writings? That’s because they’re improving they’re writing techniques everyday. I mean really what has your ego gotten you except trouble.
     Second, realize that not everybody is going to like everything you do. Just as you have people that don’t like you, you’re going to have people that don’t like your work. That doesn’t mean you’re bad, it means they’re cynical, have no better things to do, wants to see how you react, or mold your ideas into their ideas. They’re just jerks. Listen if all the say about your work is negative then it’s best not to listen to them. Surely there must be something that is good about it. Every story is a good story. It’s just that stories needs cleaning up that’s all.
     Third, you may be feeling self conscious after criticism of any kind, but realize this you’re not bad and it’s okay to feel a little upset. Think of it as like you bruised your arm. It’s going to feel tender a little bit and needs to heal, but don’t ever give up writing or creating. That’s never a good choice. Always persevere and realize this very few artists make it on the first try and their work often times pale in comparison to the artists work who have been rejected at least a hundred times. Really would you say Fifty Shades of Gray is better than Harry Potter? Some do, some don’t. It doesn’t matter the fact is they made but they did it differently. Remember creating things is fun! Enjoy the ride and don’t think about what you want it to be. It’s always the journey not the destination.
     Fourth, you may have your inner critic resurface and try to take over stifling your creativity. Realize what it’s trying to do, protect you. But you have to tell it you have to create something before you edit. Allow yourself to make mistakes. It’s perfectly allowable during the creating process in fact it’s the perfect time for it. Be as silly and messed up as you please, then clean it up. If it’s bothering you, do it anyway it’ll shut up when it realizes it’s not getting to you until the end.
     And finally, it’s your art and you’ll do it the way you want it. If critics were right all the time, then Harry Potter is a lousy story, Stephen King is a crappy writer, and Dr. Seuss isn’t a beloved children series. Does that tell you enough?