It’s the first day of March and now is a time to reflect

On the thoughts that pervaded my head over winter’s sting

What is this life that we live in

Some sort of quest of some means that we want to achieve

Or a goal that we achieved but have yet to realize it

The only constant is in this thing called life is death

We live and die and yet fear death itself

Yes, death is in fact fearsome

It is the enemy but not one we could vanquish by ourselves

People live their lives today as if it was their last

But their only reward is the pain they will experience thereafter

Perhaps they’re living their lives incorrectly

But how can I change it

People choose who they want to be, but like Robert Frost

I choose the road less taken by

It’s the crazy route as people have called it

But it’s my route

     I don’t do poetry a lot so if you think it sucks, be aware that I’m not an expert. I just expressed myself. See you next post.


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