While suffering from the effects of Winter Storm Titan (God, will I ever feel warm again), I headed off to the university to listen to more boring lectures about the treatment of addictions and why parents would want to have children most of which was because of selfish reasons. I mean really, do parents want children just to pass their genes. Sounds gross and illogical to me. But who am I? I’ve never been a parent. Could this explain why some people have mommy and daddy issues? Anyway, I was able to survive the day through my writings. I was working on an issue of my characters’ journal entries that was way ahead of the time from the current book that I’m writing. The entry is called The Rebels. Sounds interesting, right? Well it will have to wait until I publish the book and a few more journal entries first before I post it. Wouldn’t want to give out any spoilers.

Then after class I had, oh, an hour to eat the lunch I got that I conveniently stuck inside my backpack and ended up squishing my lunch before parent and children class. Didn’t know if they’d allowed food there so I stashed it in hopes that food doesn’t leak out all over the floor. The food consisted of two slices of pizza, a peanut butter sandwich, and a cupcake. Fortunately, it wasn’t so smashed that it wasn’t edible.

Within that said hour, I had to complete a project for next day’s class at 10:00 AM. I like to get done with stuff earlier so I don’t put up with it later. I didn’t finish it in time that I had to leave, but I’ve done enough to finish it when I got home (I don’t live on campus. Too expensive).

In between classes, I went to the store to do some reading for inspiration. Books, in my opinion, are way better than T.V. I was particularly engrossed by the books Divergent, which apparently has a movie coming out, and Murder on Mount Olympus. Needless to say, I like them and it did help in the inspiration department.

Went home, had some dinner, and went to a meeting. Today was surprisingly eventful. Goodbye.


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