Well, you’d think my day would be a little less uneventful since I had literally no classes today. In the morning I had printed off my assignment for class (I sure hope I did good on that) and watched some football on the internet as I waited for class to begin. When time neared, I went strolling down to class to find it had been canceled. It wasn’t until later that I got an email that the teacher wasn’t going to be there due to illness. I hope she gets better. I wasn’t surprised either due to the ever changing weather system we happen to be living in.

It’s gets interesting when I had to sit for over an hour (I hate sitting if you don’t already know) watching a video of basically women giving birth for a mini assignment. Two words: Very graphic. So as soon as that was done (I did all that for one small point), I went about walking as I needed to do and reading for some more inspiration until it was time for me to go to a little small conference for poetry class. I had gotten some of my poems back, both of which was done in such a small time due to weather inconvenience, and she told me they were good. She ask some meaning of some things and I thought okay, no problem. Some of them really had no meaning. And then she offered some criticism. Oh, the toughest thing for a writer but very necessary. One that sticks out is the “Show, don’t tell” method. I groaned. This was something I had been criticized before and I had told her that, but I actually like to use the “Tell, don’t show” method. I know, I know it’s pretty strange but I like to try different things. “Show, don’t tell” is starting to be the main thing. I like to be revolutionary.

And then I went home. Later.


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