Should’ve done this yesterday, but at least I remembered especially since today was boring and I basically stayed at home. Anyway, I sat through two consecutive lectures while finishing up The Rebels. Pretty good ending I suppose. Health isn’t boring because the teacher is so engaging but discussing child birth in class made me feel a bit awkward. Hey, did you know that on most occasions midwife birthing is better for the child and mother than hospitals. So if you’re pregnant maybe you should think about that. Not that I’m saying you should, but it is worth pondering over. Treatment for addictions however was pretty dull. The teacher’s real nice and understanding but that course is kind of tough to sit through or maybe that’s because it’s right after Health. Two lectures in a row is rarely easy to deal with. Someone’s gotta be along for the ride. At least, I got an hour reprieve from the next class.

Had some lunch, went to read, and then walked around for a bit. I had to eat at least thirty minutes before class or I’ll fall asleep. Can’t have that. During parent and child class while everyone was watching an old Opera show about why should couples have children, I only half listened as I began two more entries, can you believe it, two more entries. That’s a rarity for some writers especially for me. One titled Amp (Monster Phase Part 2) and another called Blue Collar Workers. More on those later.

After that class, I headed for the library to pass time waiting for the car to come around during which I also read some more and had a nice stroll before returning home.


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