“Writing a book is easy; creating one is harder.”

I have noticed something from the novels that I’ve been reading: A lot of them has been written before. This is no slam on the great works of authors, but if you haven’t notice there’s not a lot of original works anymore. For example, the Divergent series kind of has the feeling as the Hunger Games, the Inheritance Cycle is pretty much Star Wars and Lord of the Rings, the Evermore series is pretty much the Twilight series, the Percy Jackson and Heroes of Olympus series is basically a modernized version of Greek Mythology, etc…These are in my opinion great novels but you have to admit they’re not really original. It’s true that 95% of all works are copied (Don’t quote me on that, I just heard that during writing class somewhere), but why are these works so similar? Is it because they’re the strokes of genius spawned by the creative mind? Probably or at least for some. Or is it because of fear? You know it is worth wondering whether some writers are pressured whether from critics or from themselves into writing stuff that’s hot right now. Perhaps the thinking is “Well, these books are what’s hot, and in order for my novels to be hot and selling it has to be like those, but I want it to be different and say more about me and I don’t want to be plagiarizing.” And well there you go. Maybe I’m just going on a limb here. Maybe originality is becoming extinct, but it is an interesting thought nonetheless. There’s not a lot of creative, out there novels like Dr. Seuss or Alice in Wonderland or Peter Pan even. But then again you never know unless you try.

I’m going to try and create a novel of my very own, and see how that works. Sure some critics may call it “Unreadable and unrelatable” but it certainly feels better than trying to copy what is popular and selling. Most great novels are creative, new, and have been rejected. The difference is it didn’t stop authors from trying. And who knows maybe people would like it. Not like that matters or anything.



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