Here comes another one of my top 10s:

10. Cleveland Browns. I know the Cleveland teams are horrible, and frankly they get on my nerves on game day, but for some reason, their low status endears me to them and I often find myself cheering for them against teams not my own.

9. New Orleans Saints. Yep, the Aints are my number 9 team for pretty much the same reasons as the Browns. The first decades were ones that any Saints fan would want to forget, but recently the franchise has found success with the arrival of Sean Payton and Drew Brees.

8. San Francisco 49ers. The Niners have experienced great success in the 80s and early 90s, and would probably be higher if wasn’t for cry baby Harbaugh and the Super Bowl Blackout (No offense Niner fans). Still I like the Niners for their innovative West Coast offense and the way the play defense today. I could go on, but I have to move on.

7. Minnesota Vikings. Purple is one of favorite colors, and that is epitomized by the Vikings. I had enjoyed reading about their history with the Purple People Eaters, and their days before the dome, but their recent teams haven’t been too shabby with the high powered offense of 1998 and the Adrian Peterson days.

6. Oakland Raiders. The Silver and Black has always had a special spot in my heart, well, at least when they were good. Back then the Raiders had a commitment to excellence, and struck terror to every team it faced. They had fuel this us against the NFL thing that I liked.

5. Washington Redskins. When the Skins were rolling, I was cheering. Maryland didn’t have many teams since the Colts bolted in 83, and so a lot of us were Skins fans, but that’s not the only reason I like them. I admire the great Hogs and Hall of Fame coach Joe Gibbs of the day, and loads of other crazy nicknames that went with that wayward team.

4. Dallas Cowboys. How ‘Bout them Cowboys! Of course I prefer the 90s version better than the train wreck we see today. America’s Team is one team that everyone could wrap their arms around, or hate immensely, whichever I’m not going to judge you. Everybody’s got their opinion.

3. Chicago Bears. The Monsters of the Midway play football the way it should be: tough, gritty, and having fun along the way. Chicago is full of great history from the dynasty days of George “Papa Bear” Halas to Mike Ditka’s 85 Bears. I always enjoy seeing them on Sunday.

2. Green Bay Packers. The Pack was the beginning of the NFL with the coach after which the Super Bowl trophy was named: Vince Lombardi. The Packers had always fielded great teams with great quarterbacks from Bart Starr to Brett Favre to Aaron Rodgers. Green Bay has been a team that I grew up with, and still root for to this day.

1. Baltimore Ravens. My number 1 favorite team is my Baltimore Ravens. When the Colts left, Baltimore quickly embraced its new team in 1996 as did I. I’ll always bleed purple and black. Baltimore has always been known as a defensive team, but now has a good quarterback taking the reins. And unlike San Fran, our Harbaugh is mostly a class act and he’s backed by one of the best front office in the league.

And if you have your own top 10 list, that’s just fine. Everyone has their opinions, and feel free to share. Bye.


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