My journey now takes me to the City That Never Sleeps also known as New York. New York is a setting used in novels, movies, and television and it’s no wonder the city is huge and has plenty of action, especially when compared to the little town that I live in. Because of this, nothing seems to be unusual there or at least to the noticeable eye. I look forward to exploring this wonderful setting, but I’ll admit this is stepping out of my comfort zone. I’m not fond of cities, and I heard people there are pretty rude, but it’s none that I haven’t seen before. I was born from a northern city with rude people after all, but that doesn’t mean I like it. Oh, well, maybe I’ll run into the more kinder ones. You know I maybe in for a rude awakening since it is the City That Never Sleeps. I need my six or so hours. Later.


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