So I turned twenty-one a few days ago, so naturally people would think I had spent my day partying and drinking. To be honest, my first drink was a Capri sun. Yeah, I don’t drink, and I’m not planning on it either. Also, I don’t celebrate birthdays (Personal belief, don’t judge me). It’s not like I believe alcohol is bad or anything I just like to keep my wits about me so to speak, plus my family kind of has a bad record of alcoholic intake and I kind of want to break that streak. As a writer, I also want to avoid the stereotype that writers need to be totally wasted in order to get great inspiration. I get that just fine by reading books, listening to music, and looking at art thank you very much. But I’m not here to slam alcohol and those who drink it. In fact, Alcohol can actually be very beneficial. It can relax you and put you in a good mood (Not an alcohol expert, mind you), but I take great pride in being alcohol free and never being pressured into doing anything just because everybody else is doing it, no matter what people say. I’m not missing out by not being under the influence. Later.