Well, my day went about as expected out of an average Thursday. Since I didn’t have to show up on campus, I crashed at my house all day. I wish I could say I had a pretty busy day, and in a way, it kind of was, but it was relatively an easy day and that makes me feel…I don’t know disturbed. I listen daily on how hard life is supposed to be. I don’t have to look far. Just turn on the news, I’m pretty it will show someone suffering in some way and here I am basically skating through life. To make matters worse, I don’t know if I have any kind of plans once I finish school, or maybe I do, but I don’t how to first achieve them. The one thing I do know is the stuff I want to do, and that’s make up stories as a cheap source of entertainment. Well, at least the essay’s finished, for crying out loud, I hope I did it right. That’ll be a blow to my sense of competence if I completely missed the point. Anyway, I should focus more on my novel, the one I have to read for school, not the one I had been writing and editing all summer.


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