Today was like any ordinary day. It turns out that my partners for the project we were working on couldn’t access the essay I had posted on Google doc, so that pretty much limited them (this was later rectified during the day when one of them conveniently met me in the library), but it’s not like they hadn’t done the same to me. At least I showed up for class, but I guess that’s justified as they were probably working on the project outside of class. Good thing was that after the instructor showed me the grade I had gotten on my last paper (B+ people!) and talked about how I could improve on it (she’s such a good teacher), I had time before my next class to get advised for next semester classes. It took a minute but at least it got done. The stress comes in when I have to figure how to assort the best times for my schedule. If I plan it right, I could have Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays off, but the expense would be the stress I would have on Tuesdays when I have to go to meetings later in the night. Just perfect. Well, wish me luck.


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