Saturday, or as I like to call it college football day (Roll Tide), was pretty decent. If I had to summarize it up for you, you would probably fall asleep but I’ll try to make it as entertaining as possible.

After enjoying my typical routine of watching NFL Top 10, my sister and mom came crashing into my room to set up my sister’s new printer to her tablet using my laptop (don’t ask me how that went), so that went about oh let’s say an hour before they left. It certainly made reading a book tougher. I have to read this seven hundred page book call Kavalier and Clay for school on Monday and I got to only a hundred and twenty-eight pages that’s below last Monday’s required a hundred and sixty-three pages. Give me a break. I can’t read that fast without missing something important. I’m a writer that’s how I roll. Besides I have other classes to worry about and a life too. I can’t devote twenty-four hours a day to reading an entire book. I can’t do that even with books I like.¬† Adding to those headaches is the test I have for Wednesday and registration for next semester classes. Something tells me that Tuesday is always going to be my “Monday”. Please give me three days off.


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