For me today started 4:30 am. Why so early? I don’t know. My body has its own special alarm clock that rings whenever it’s ready to start the day. Better to be early than to be late. Way late. So after trying to force myself to drop back into dream land, it became clear that my body just wasn’t going to have it. So I took the time to get productive and get started with my school work. I ate breakfast and was already prepared before my mom got dressed (she’s my ride. Save a ton in parking).

This was a day that I would describe as one my crabby days. I just wanted to be alone, but the hustle and bustle of life just wasn’t having it. I got over it to say the least. Despite the crabbiness, I would say today was great creatively. I won’t give you the details as that will take like four posts, but it has to deal with the trope “With great power comes great insanity”. It was quite a thrill.

I got home and watch the game. Turns out my dad was right about the Redskins upsetting the Cowboys. And now I’ll have to hear about how I’ll never beat him in a competition that I had no idea I was a part of and don’t want to be a part of. Truth be told, I was secretly wanting the Cowboys to win just to blow his ego a little. God, I hate arrogant people.


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