Today was quite good as Fridays traditionally are. I’m telling you I’m digging this getting dark earlier thing. My mom on the other hand would disagree. I gave a killer presentation today during comic book class. Not bad considering that one of my subjects was something I didn’t have too much info on, but I guess giving a great presentation could overshadow anything. I had registered for classes next semester. Good news: three days off (Monday, Wednesday, Friday). Bad news: the classes (four of them) are pretty much back to back and I have a meeting Tuesday night. Oy! I met an old friend from my old high school as well so that’s also good, and the test I didn’t think I did well in was way better than I thought so I guess my note taking technique is working better than I thought. I guess the only rough spot of the day would be seeing the Wizards fall to the Raptors, but since I haven’t been watching the game long and the next game is tomorrow, I’m all smiles. So I’m going to retire for the night with these happy thoughts. Peace


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