Today is what I would describe as painfully average. I had one of my rougher nights again. Maybe a little more so than usual. Either way, I’m still recovering from the trauma. I woke up at about nine and went out to rake the leaves. I still question why I had to do it now. We have a big hill and a lot of trees that surround it. I predict that in about two days, the yard will be full of leaves again. It would be better and less time and energy consuming to wait for all the leaves to be cleaned up but, no, dad wants them up now. There’s a good two hours I won’t get back. Good news is the Ravens had beaten the Titans, but the win wasn’t as exciting as it should’ve been. Maybe last night was worse than I thought. Well, at least  running around the house as the day turned evening was great, I got a lot good ideas out of that so that’s always a plus. I hope that I would be feeling a lot better tomorrow.


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