Today on the whole was average, I got up, went to school, and then went home. But in spite of all that, the behind scenes of my life was pretty adventurous. For starters, it was cold. Want a good setting for a story? Start with somewhere cold with a wind chill factor. Of course when you got a setting like that, you have to have a journey. Any kind of journey would be epic in that setting, even if you were, say, just walking all the way down to Publix to buy a fruit (it was an orange by the way). It doesn’t stop there. You have to endure great lengths for knowledge like sitting outside on the bench while reading a book and waiting for computer to come open in the library so you can finish your assignments. Wrap it up with having to face some inner demons while confronting a serious fear such me planning what to do tomorrow while waiting outside in the dark for my mom to bring the car around.


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