Apparently Mopey Monday continued onto Tuesday, I was miserable today. A guy came over to take a look at the oven again and guess who had to help him. It was really chilly today too, so I lugged a couple of logs to light a fire (good idea in hindsight). After washing dishes, I spent my day off doing things that I enjoy, but it just felt like there was a heavy cloud hanging over my head that only grew heavier as the time for my meeting inched closer. It was a tough sitting. I didn’t feel like being in such a big crowd, and unlike school I didn’t have the luxury of leaving early (not that I wanted to). A question that I found popping up into my head a lot was “Am I really a good enough person?” I mean, I know I don’t want to be a bad person and I try my hardest to be kind and helpful to everyone that I possibly could, but sometimes it just feels like I don’t care enough like I don’t have that feeling of care that I should have. It’s crazy right? I just hope that I am good enough. I don’t want to fall into some dark paths.


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