So I’m feeling much better after yesterday, but to say the cold weather was unbearable is an understatement. It seemed like old man winter just couldn’t wait to get back to torment me. Oh well, classes today was average, except the first one which felt like it could go on forever. I made some arrangements to my schedule next semester; same time, different class, but at least it fills my requirements. Looks like I’ll be having more English classes next semester. Cool.

I heard the Wizards fell to the Mavericks, but life goes on. We’ll see Lebron James Friday so I have that day marked.

According to a quiz, I am 67% optimistic so I’ll have a healthier life. Oh, and did you know that shorter people tend to live longer and look younger. I guess there’s some benefit of being 5’8 though I consider everybody’s height to be perfect for them (yes, I love you too tall ones), unless it’s like a disease or something causing it. Then I just hope for the best. Just some random facts to keep you thinking.


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