Today was pretty eventful considering it was the last day before Thanksgiving break. Okay technically it wasn’t the last day, but it’s not like we have a lot to do next week until Wednesday. The projector broke in my first class so we had to get the lecture orally. Thank God, she posted the notes online. Creative writing was fun. Anything with King Kong and Godzilla has got to be entertaining, right? In Technical Writing, one of my partners and I focused on creating the PowerPoint of our presentation (I’ve actually felt like I contributed something), and we got part of our grade back. It’s looking good so far.

Ideas flowed smoothly during moments where I had free time to create. Some days are better than others I guess. Lebron got treated to a beat down by the Wizards as Washington advances to 8-3. Not a bad start for a team that was once considered the worst in the league. Now if only the Ravens give the same treatment to Drew Brees on Monday…That’s all good night.


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