I was sure I was in for a bad morning, and in a way I was right, but I was more sleepy than cranky and that practically wore off in a couple of minutes.

School was quiet on my last day. I did had a lecture first thing, but from then on, it seemed as if I should’ve stayed home. I’m glad I didn’t. Having some free time gave me time to reflect, especially on my relationships. I don’t think that I was bad toward anybody and sure I did interact with a few familiar friends (one of which interviewed me as I explained my novella), but it feels like I haven’t been as good to them as I should’ve been. Every time I could’ve asked how their day was but didn’t filled my heart with shame. I thought I should’ve done more. I’m not good at small talk, and my attention span is so bad that I daydream after a few sentences. I guess that’s how the mind of a story writer works. Honestly, I bet people hardly notice and I’m just thinking too much. In other related news, the Ravens are 7-4 after beating the Saints and are in second place in the division. Now if we could just keep up that play…

It was also a marvelous day of creating stories. I wrote a good few pages today. Things are looking up.


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