Today started with mom waking me up for service (working the field basically) to kick off the start of our break. After placing a couple of magazines and talking to some interesting people (ask my mom about hotdogs, you’ll get a good story), we went back home. I had found and order some games as well. Tell me what you think of them: Kingdom Hearts 2.5 Remix (comes out December 2, mind you), Final Fantasy x x2 HD, Rayman Legends, and Portal 2. I heard they were all good (well, I know Kingdom Hearts is good. I played it before on the PS2 and I just know that Final Mix is going to be that much better), so I think I would like them.

I didn’t do much creatively. There just weren’t enough hours in the day, but aside from that, I say it’s pretty good. The Wizards dropped to 9-5 (there’s always next game and considering years past, it’s still a good start). And I’m going to watch some more reviews and cartoons before I turn it in. Man, I sound like such a huge nerd. Oh, well. Nerds rule the world anyway. Peace.


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