So today my mother, sister, and I strolled over to Columbus, Mississippi to grab our groceries at the military base like we just so happened to do every two weeks where our usual adventure took a side turn in the form of going to the mall. You heard of Black Friday well this is Black Saturday. Normally, if you were a guy, you wouldn’t think that going shopping with your sister and your mom would be so cool. Well, okay, I wasn’t technically with them all that time, but all in all, it was pretty good. I didn’t see anything at the book store except an interesting graphic novel about One Piece (so that’s how Luffy got that scar) and went to Old Navy where they were having a 40% off sale. Listen if you want good quality clothes, go to Old Navy. I still have good conditioned clothes since my freshman year…in high school. I was feeling in the mood for some dark clothing (I’m not goth, mind you) so I grabbed a black hoodie, a black t-shirt, and a charcoal t-shirt. I also grabbed some socks (I needed them badly) and a baseball zipper hoodie all for the price of $63. Also my parents had given me some new pair of jeans (God, I love them). So I had gotten a lot this week now that I think about it. At least I paid for most of them.

The Wizards ended their losing streak with a win over the Pelicans, and thank God Alabama beat Auburn. I take that rivalry almost as seriously as Ravens–Steelers (almost). Now I can sleep happy tonight as everything winds down, and I pray that your lives has been as good as mine this week.


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